Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tonight in Soho was a night to remember Andy Kessler and all that he did for New York City on and off his skateboard. Ive herd so many stories of him through out the time Ive lived in NYC. Though I never met him, from what I have heard he sounded like one of the all around best guys out there. The art show was a silent auction to raise money for the Andy Kessler Foundation. The show took place in the basement of the Volcom store on Broadway in lower Manhattan. Once the clock hit 8pm the doors were open and the PBR's were cracked. The show featured work by such artist's as Alessandro Zuek Simonetti (, Neckface, and Jermey Henderson to name a few. If you would like to find out more about the Andy Kessler Foundation you can go here and check it out here,

Butt starting the night of right
Steve R, killing it
Dela showed up
I met Ej's mom today, she was really noice
Probably one of my favorite skate photos of all time
Harry talking about his writing to Andy, it was amazing
I hadnt seen Rob in a while, looks like the snacks have been treating well, fuck off corey
By the time I was getting ready to get out of there Butt was crushing it, grabbing girls ass's and shit, hes a wild one

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