Friday, December 25, 2009


So since Ive been home the updates have been weak, but this ones pretty good, recap of christmas eve and christmas morning

Tradition is to go to my Dads side of the family, my grandparents house on christmas eve, so much food, i love christmas
These are two of my cousins, I grew up with them, when we were younger we hung out almost every day
This is my Grandma, (Nonnie) shes the best, love her
This is the best chip dip in the world, no joke
When we got home last night from the party, this is the first thing we saw when we pulled into the drive way. I love this dog
Brother came home for the holidays, the dog was getting into everyones presents
Bisquits for days, we both like snackies, she gets it from me
This was one of my gifts, and probably the best one EVER!!!!!!, if your in brooklyn and want a milkshake ill hook it up


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