Monday, December 7, 2009


Thank God Im out of Tampa
Not worth a box of product
Plunkett, AKA worst dude out there
Ishod, AKA best dude out there
PANG holding it down
Ishod basically did every trick over the pyramid, the kid is unstoppable

Bert and Evan, berts beard is getting really bushy
Coyne and everyone form Lowell drove down
Jack mad it out to the comp with the rest of RND
Motta is a wild one
Johan was asked to leave... thank god
Stayed with Manny for a night, the hotel was dope, thanks Manny
Plunkett got an obstacle named after him at the park, i guess he's good
Chima did Benihanas through out his whole run on everything
BD mad HYPED after just watching some one do a kickflip back noseblunt on the handrail
After the comp I head to Jupiter to catch my flight out of west palm in the am, stopped here first
Nicky got dropped

Thanks to anyone who helped me out this weekend, drove me, let me stay at their place, or just was there. see you in a couple months Florida

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