Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So the trip out to SF was pretty amazing, that city is pretty insane.. sorry i didnt bring my camera when all the insane stuff took place though, so you'll have to deal with this lame shit
Welcome to SAN FRANCISCO, Yonnie took us on a little tour of SF, thanks man, so much energy
So we got off the plane and took the Bart into the city where we met up with HUF and the rest of the crew over at HQ.
Part of the Office.. Billy - " homo"
Clark Hassler is God for doing Heelflip
Switch Flip??!?!?!?!, I say god damn
Second day there we met up with some of the DLX guys and went here... where we did not skate.. Ishod is Amazing
Pfanners got POP!!!
This place was chill.. until it rained. It was at this very point in the trip that JP was over it.
At the end of each day we retired to the office where i watched JP and Adrian and the rest of the crew consume alcohol, i took some sips..
More chillen... it was raining at this point, whatever
This is one of the spots Yonnie took us too, it was chill
Steve gettin all Kazzyy
Steezy Boy was out there
This spot is too insane... OMAR!!!!
Got lucky, Steve got his chicks car and drove us around the Sunset.. Thanks homie
Yep, like I said, JP was over it almost before it began
Spot is pretty craze, those banks are steep as hell
I tried to get a Front shuv photo, but right after i took this photo his board got ran over and broke the truck
ISHOD going in
Went to Treasure Island one of the last days.. spot was sick.
Last day in SF we went out to the Napa Valley.
Scott checkin ways to get up on the roof
Climbed up on the roof. WOW only if the roof was hard and not soft.. pause.. no homo
Chillen It
This thing was sick
Last spot before Take Off

Peace SF, thanks to everyone who made the trip a good time. Huf, Hanni, Billy, Scott, Bong, Alex, Dustin, Steve, Golden Coffee, Reds, Riley, JImmy, Charlie, JP, Vega, Yonnie, Travis,

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