Friday, September 10, 2010

Back in Business

Been about a month and a half since the last time i posted photos on this thing. But I finally have all new equipment, so hopefully more to come, in the meantime enjoy...
silly d man, always looking sharp
nothing has changed with this guy, still hating life
west side can suck it.. to windy
we all made fun of kevin for wearing a winter hat and XXXL zoo hoody... god damn it got cold that night
After a non productive day we decided to go to dollar slice then the office to waste away the rest of the day till it got late enough to go to midtown.
zigfeild 1 Am skated for 2 hours no bust, too bad i broke my board in the first 5 min then watched jake waste another 2 hours
happy meal for nicky and brad
gah damn
sick one
was it worth it
back at the house we got a cake for brads birthday
its kind of a cake..... right ?
marcus holding it down, this guy knows how to snack... 5 am beefaroni sessions, ma dude makes a mean beefaroni
there were 7 of us and we still couldnt finish the whole thing

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