Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jersey Weekend

Went to Jersey this weekend. all nightttttterrr
first spot of the night 10:30pm..... after about another 3 hours of dicking around, Butt decided we should go to this rail in some park on the boarder of nj and ny, ring wood? basically a skatepark rail. So we decided to make the trip about an hour north. Once we got to the state park the gates were blocking us from going into the park and to the spot. But after driving so far, we decided to hop the gate and wheel the generator in about a mile or so to the spot through the darkness. with a single flash light leading the way we made the journey to the rail. There wasnt a single light until we got to the spot.
lights on
spot was tight.
kuzma was hyped
after the whole trip out there butt wasnt feeling the spot... sick one bro
piece of shit
media man
lipping it. end of the ngihttt....
next morning we came here. there was a dumpster in the way. took us 45 min to move it.
wasnt even worth it
packing it up and on to the next spot
havnt seen this kid in a while. ghost has a new kit.
WaWa alllll weekenddddd
sooo good

yeahh butt
sketch boy
ghost was killing it all day
hes also got some new tricks
road snacks
"every time baby" this is the face that youll see on his face whenever hes driving.

went here when it got dark
kuzma at this point of the trip is over it because of the double ankle pain. his shits fucked
was cool, but everyone was over it
chris cole is a sick freak
epic shots
spots is sick
get it!
mystery filling ?????
next day
jesus kuzma, just wants to smoke and ice his ankles
picked up daniels
road snack!!!!!!!!!
spot is crazy hat off to bill spice
no skateboarding
endless driving
Wends was the back up, couldnt find the WaWa so this was back up
next spot
spot is amazing
brad got his

peace jersey

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