Sunday, November 14, 2010

weekend warrior

finally found this thing, spot looks amazing but is the hardest thing to skate. Got all the way out here and JP's camera was broken so we turned around and went back to graham ave to get the back up. went looking for another nugg and spent endless hours crammed in a car and in the end had no luck. So we decided to head back to the house again and consume some chinese.
went out here to try and skate it, but got the boot.

its nice to drive into the city sometimes. get to see the city different

met up with billy and vega to shoot some photos for the next huf look book
after skating for like 2 min we decided it was time to grab some food. went to North Dumpling michael was hyped on the prices.
so good, spring rolls are on point
then it was time to model
jumping boots were on today
havnt cruised down water street in a while, it was a nice change of scenery . Its weird to skate here now. I just keep my head down and keep skating till i reach my destination. Its been just over 4 years now since the first time I skated down this street, just looking up and so confused of where I was and that I was actually here. Four years have gone by way to fast
took the train back up to union area.
richard showed us this little thing. spot was sick.

good day of cruising

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