Saturday, December 18, 2010

HUF Interview

I met Keith almost a year ago, and since then have been able to work with him on some projects, and hopefully more in the future. I was lucky enough to meet him right before I went out to SF last spring break and he let us crash at his house for the week. The photos below are from that trip. I was recently able to get a moment of his time for a little interview. Enjoy.

I saw you started following me on twitter the other day, you tweet much?

I try not to, but its addicting.

So you moved your whole operation to LA, why the move?

So many reasons, it is the hub for where we get all our product. We wanted to have it all under one roof.

Also La is the skateboard capital.

How do you like LA compared to SF?

Its new, so its still a lot of fun.

You still going to run with HUF SF as part of the branding?

Thats for me to know and you to figure out, Sf is our roots.

Recently HUF was highlighted in the newest project out of the Berrics. How'd you guys

get involved in the Trajectory Projects.

It was Berras idea

You been getting a lot of good feedback from people on the videos?

Yeah so far its been all positive, but i am sure there are haters.

When you started HUF as brand and not just a store, did you have Hanni already

in mind to help you create the brand into what is today, or did he come in a little later in

the picture once you had some stuff up and running?

He came in about 2 years after we started. We were only doing tee, sweats and hats, and he

helped take it to the next level.

So now that you have the clothing solid and shoes going on the third collection anything

else coming out anytime soon? Can we look forward to a HUF team?

Yes, team is coming along

I always remember reading an older interview with you by Atiba. He asked what you had

with you that day. You had a Poem/Story by your Friend Jamal Simmons. All about

growing up and Skating in New York City. You think that kids from other cites get that

feeling like Jamal talks about?

I would hope so, but i have no idea.

Read Jamals story on the chromeball, (

When you were living in NYC, who was the typical crew you went out and

skated with for the day?

I guess it depends on the day, we would meet at the banks. Get a decent crew together.

Chris Keeffe, Mike Hernandez, Ryan Hickey, Keenan, Ben Liversedge, Gino so many people.

We would skate downtown during the day and midtown during the night.

Today it seems like the typical meet up spot for anyone skating in NYC is either 12th and A

or Tompkins Square Park, where was your usual meet up spot before going off for the day?

Back in the day it was the banks, then went to supreme, and then astor sometimes.

Coming back time to time and visiting NYC, have you noticed any changes in the city?

Its really just how much the city has cleaned up. It is crazy how many new building are up and how clean the streets are.

I used to be scared skating the streets at times.

It was really rough especially in the 80's.

I hear people always talking about how gnarly the bowery used to be, now its like the hot spot.

Yeah thats what happens in cities, people need cheaper rent and places to expand to.

What was the sketchiest area when you were growing up?

In my area it was LES, people were always trying to steal your shit.

Other than skating, what other shit were you getting into growing up in NYC?

Ha we were into it all, graf for sure. Music, stealing

Got any good stories.

shit i remember going to skate the jfk banks, we get off to transfer trains. And all these kids

start trying to rob us, there was way more of them then us and we had to jam.

so we all split and jammed out of the station. I just remember this kid chasing me and me getting away

and ending up in the cuts of BK.

Some how ive never had any problems, other than my camera bag being stolen, but no

fights, or chases.

Yeah kids would always try to steal, we would put most in there place though. But some

you cant, and now guns are way more around

Any good midtown night session stories,fucking with security guards or getting chased by cops

Ha, Always, it never got to crazy just lots of arguing with them and talking shit, that

can fuck the spots up though.

What was probably the best spot in midtown to skate?

We would always skate Fuji,and Pan Am rails.

You've done a lot of work with Ari Marcopoulos, how long have you two known each other?

shit we meet in the streets in the 90s, he was just taking photos and hanging out all the time

then we become buddies and started just chilling all the time

What was the first project you got involved in, with him


Whats that for anyone who might not know?

it was was wheel company out of DLX

Anything in the works for the near future with him?

Hopefully, always want to work with Ari.

Whats going on with the Real video, coming out anytime soon?

Yeah this spring the real team is insane its going to be amazing

Hows it been filming for the video, I know you've had a shoulder injury for sometime now, getting any better?

Its hard this will be my smallest part ever so it sucks but thats life.

Ishod Wair, the kid is a freak of nature. Im not sure if I have ever seen him mess up on a skateboard.

Yeah he is a beast.

Other than Ishod, Any other East Coast skaters out there that your hyped on?

Hell yeah there are so many, vega, zered, pops, gino, freddy,ishod, jake d, cromer,stuckey, luis,

plunkett, yaje. I do'nt know so many dope kids

Whatever happened to the footage of you doing kickflip backlip on the courthouse, Ive only ever

seen the sequence.

It is in a TWS video I think.

You still doing a lot of traveling? Skating still, or more for HUF?

mostly HUF

I skate all the time but i have to focus on the business at times cant be out skating all day but I want to.

Last question,…. Ive herd about this secret pocket, the key to the ollie? Care to explain?

Ha, Its a secret…. No there is something when you ollie off a hip or a bump that allows you

to go just a little higher, when you hit your peak you usually can get it up even higher, its weird.

It is only taught to the experienced and wise

Haha, Thanks man



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