Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Peter just released the newest installment to the flipmode collection, "Caviar" Its on youtube right now, and split up into two separate links. If youd like them on your computer, and your a mac user simply press, option, command and A all at once. A directory of the files on the page will come up and then just double click the one that is the biggest file, usually over 5 mb.

Billy (Best Part) Mcfeely

Bill Pierce

The video contains full parts from Rob Gonyon, Shawn Powers, Bill Pierce, Kevin Tierney, Billy Mcfeely, Phill Rodriguez, and more plus a montage that features some of the original flipmode crew. The video is really solid, and not just showcasing new york spots, but from all over the east coast. Shawn Powers part is the best example of that, unless he's just going deeper into queens where no one would dare to venture off to.

Shawn Powers

Watch it and Enjoy it.

Caviar Part 1

Caviar Part 2

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