Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Just got my copy of Boyish, Thanks Jackson
Video is amazing. I urge you all to
go buy it and support Jackson !!!!BUY!!!!

Jackson's already getting Facebook comment like this

Wasnt to familiar with him, but footage was
amazing to watch.

This guy is out of his mind. I remember watching
some promo on youtube for something called
Ryan's Video and seeing footage of him. Probably the
craziest thing he does is at the 2min 48 sec mark.
Go watch that youll see. Plus hes got that fakie pop.

Biggest guy on a board. Pulling off some tech shit.
Plus does the best switch back nose blunt in a line.

All around good style from this guy. Skates
just about anything seems like. Best photo
opp is at 18:48, go look. Plus his ender is
gah damn ridiculous!
Always enjoy watching Mango Skate. Had the
best song of the video . Ender is just a lil kazy.
And just like everyone else has probably said
about him, looks like he had fun making the part.
Prestons part was sick, shared it with some
friends. Boardslide to fakie line was really good.
Would not mind seeing more footage of him.
But the bonus footage of his birthday makes
up for it all.
And last up, just like the video, Jonathan Pierce.
As Im sure everyone has seen his part. There is
not much else to say. Everyone already knows.
His body must hurt so much though.

A couple screen grabs from Jackson for you to enjoy.

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