Sunday, January 9, 2011



Allergies, Tompkin Square Park Spring 2009

Billy is getting some attention finally. !!SLAP FORUM!!
About time, best kept secret in NY. I met Billy almsot 3
years ago now. The first night out with him I shot this photo.

Ollie - Chelsea, Summer 2008

Its still one photo I go back to and get excited about, to go
shoot and skate. Hopefully we will see a lot more of him
soon once this harsh winter is over. One thing that always
surprises me about Billy is his ability to not be seen for a
month or so and come back and every trick he did last month
regular, he can now do switch. And make it look good.

50-50 Queens NY Summer 2010

Chipped Tooth, Tribeca, Summer 2009

Hopefully Ill be out this week with him and get
a photo of him. More to come for sure from Mcfeely.

Enjoy Again and Again

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