Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just watched the new MIA video tonight. Josh Stewart throwing
his classic and well respected style on the video, made some magic. On top of
Flipmode's recent video, Caviar, and now the MIA video. I think I can
make it through this winter and get motivated to out on the cold nights.

Parts that will be replayed over and over...
DELAAAAAA!!, part was unreal.
All of his nyc footage blew my mind. Best thing about his part,
was that he went to a couple NYC spots that most would'nt want
to try.

Ben Gore up next. Chilllllll.... to much pop!
Every flat ground trick was popped at least waist height.
Some one is not lazy. Well done
Well put together lines, and going up and over things that others
wouldnt even think twice about, like this....

Ed Selego, hadnt seen anything from him in a while,
but his part was to good, had the best vibe to it.
Probably watched his part the most so far.
Joel Meinholz kicked the video off right with a solid first part
including a couple memorable tricks.
For sure a skate video to own and put up on the shelf with the others.

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