Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Just got Weekendtage the Movie. Thanks Ocon.

The Video has everything you could ever
want. Including the new Movie, plus the whole
collection of your favorite tage's, and a
good amount of bonus material to keep you
entertained for hours.
Enjoy all the classic moments with face at Rockaway.
BD going hard.
Bert chillen with this guy in harlem.

Rap Battles at 12th and A
After watching the whole movie this is for sure
the best scene. The Acid scene in the movie was
a well thought out skit with special effects that the
makers of Avatar would be jealous of.
Johan put forth his best performances yet with
some amazing skits including a scene renegading
3 or 4 beers. Jack kept it cool and probably didnt
want to have any party in the whole thing. But
wanted to fit in and be part of it so he went for it.
Big Dawg held it down. Grant, the hospital joke will
never get old. Ocon needs to stop jerking pigs off.
Bert, just keep your shirt off. It's a better look, plus
it does make you look like your skating faster. Andrew
needs to stop jumping off roofs. Just not a good look,
and a good way to get hurt. Ian was not in it that much,
where were you man? And for anyone else I forgot ......
Movie was amazing.

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